Lockdown; Little Love Stories

Alone together.

Lockdown; Little Love Stories is an intimate collection of portraits, & stories of love and motherhood during a year of lockdown. 

Having a baby is a beautiful, intense & emotive experience at the best of times, this past year as we all learn to manoeuvre life amidst a world wide pandemic, mothers of young babies have been enduring quite a unique experience, different to anything they could have imagined; our little lady was just a few months old when the first lockdown began, it was an incredibly surreal experience - though still filled with very special moments - which led me to photograph other mothers and share their stories. 

This  personal portrait series, explores, and celebrates how it feels to have a baby during this poignant period in time, a time when life as we knew it changed. I hope by sharing a few stories other mothers with little ones might feel a little less alone. 

I hope for my daughter, that despite the intensity of the world during her first year of life & beyond, that she will continue smiling, and although as a mother I might mourn slightly for what I'd imagined my maternity experience to be - that we can still manage to find joy in all the little moments together.

Thank you to the wonderful mothers and babies who've been a part of this special project and for sharing your stories.

Thanks for visiting,

Catherine x

Hope Springs

Amelia & Artemis

Home Sweet Home -74

Dear Artemis

People will always talk about how dreadful a year 2020

was and for many 2020 was a horrible year.

But for your Daddy and me it will always be the wonderful

year you came into our lives.

It has been a hard and difficult road to parenthood for us but you and your brother

are very very precious to us, you have made us complete.

With all the love in the world,

Mummy xxx

Amelia lives in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire with her husband Dave, and two children Artemis and Malachi.

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, Artemis is just precious, and the most wonderful addition to your family, how are you both doing?

We are doing really well, she is absolutely gorgeous and her personality is really showing itself now. She is nine months old and on the move. She adores her older brother and spends the whole time following him around and getting into his stuff.

She was born at the start of lockdown is that right? Tell me a little about your experience of bringing her into the world at such a unique time?

It was quite stressful. I had decided to start my maternity leave a week early as I was feeling really tired and just as I started my maternity leave the lock down happened. The worse part was not knowing whether my husband would be able to be with me at the hospital. I was having a planned c section but was very nervous about the whole thing. We were very lucky in the end as he was able to accompany me, I know the rules changed a week later which must have been awful for everyone having babies going forward.

It must have been a pretty surreal time to be coming towards the end of your pregnancy when the pandemic hit, can you tell me a little about how it felt and to be expecting, and to give birth during a pandemic? How it might have differed from what you'd envisioned?

The hardest part was not being able to see my Mum or my brother and sister. They were all such a big part of my son’s early days. My Mum was such a support and I remember being so pleased to see her in the hospital after having Malachi.

In between everything that's happening in the world at the moment, are you managing to enjoy some quality time together now with your lovely little lady?

I would say as it has just been the four of us for the majority of 2020, we do have a wonderful bond and she is very happy and confident little thing which I hope comes from feeling safe and nurtured.

Through your pregnancy & after giving birth did you have many midwife and hospital visits? 

It was pretty normal up to the last month and then it was quite surreal, attending the maternity clinic which was usually overflowing with patients and it just being me and the midwife.

Was it hard not seeing family/ friends when Artemis was a newborn? & when did your family get to meet her?

Not seeing family and friends was the hardest part. Some of our family and some of my closet friends still haven’t met her. The minute we had a slight relaxation we arranged “viewings”. She still hasn’t been held by many people.

How has your son coped during this time and how is he enjoying her new role as a big brother?

It was a lot of change for Malachi. He went from attending nursery three days a week and hanging out with his grandparents (both sets) regularly to being at home, with a new baby sister. He also had his Birthday in lock down, having had his Birthday party cancelled. All things considered I think he coped amazingly.

Was there anything you found especially hard during the stricter lockdown period? How did you keep your spirits up?

The hardest part was keeping Malachi entertained and engaged whilst recovering from a c section and looking after a new- born. She wasn’t a great feeder at first and suffered quite a lot with colic. Normally you ask family/friends for advice but it is hard doing that remotely. Equally, there was very little health visitor support.

You mentioned a lack of health care visits, has that been tough, and do you feel like there's enough support now?

It is still difficult; I have no idea what she weighs for example I just know she is growing! I am just really fortunate this is not my first child, I can’t imagine how hard this would be doing it the first time round.

Although it's been an incredibly strange past year, bringing a baby into the world has to be a highlight & possibly lots of lovely family time at home, have you managed to enjoy any really special moments?

Once the swimming pools re-opened we went swimming a lot, it was lovely as she is a real water baby and seemed to love the whole experience. It was nice to do something “normal” with her for a while at least.

Swimming sounds like an amazing highlight, do you feel like you've missed out on anything?

I found not being able to register her birth until July really sad, and not being able to have her christened. We had already asked the Godparents so we are just waiting for when people can travel to make that happen. The saddest part is not being able to introduce to her to our friends and wider family and let them spend some quality time with her and see how amazing she is.

What do you love most about motherhood, and what are your hopes for the future for your little ones?

I just love the whole thing. It took a while for me to become a Mum and we had lots of heartache before having my son and I feel as though I have found my mojo as a Mother.

I've found it quite an isolating time to have a young baby at home, overall how have you been coping with a baby during this rollercoaster of lockdown and semi lockdown life?

I have been very lucky with the friends that I made when I had my son. In fact a number of them where on maternity leave at the same time and my friend Rachel actually had her baby son the week after Artemis, so we have been able to meet for walks (endless walks), we even managed Pizza Express before the second lock down. I have also made some new friends through Malachi’s nursery friends as we were all keen to let the little people socialise. I am so lucky with the friends I have made through work who have also kept in touch during my maternity leave.

How are you feeling about the year ahead?

I don’t want to jinx it!

Did you manage to enjoy a nice Christmas?

Christmas was a little muted. All of our plans changed, I just feel for Artemis, her first Christmas photos won’t show much, as the Santa was cancelled and the Kew lights, and we weren’t able to see any family.

Do you have any tips for mums who have either had a baby during this unique period in time, or are about to?

Try and get as much sleep as possible and getting outside everyday even if its cold and wet. I have also tried the online baby classes. Its not the same as attending in person but I think Artemis enjoyed them, she loves Sophie Lammings Baby Sensory classes.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

2020 has been an awful year and for some of my closet friends absolutely dreadful with the loss of parents and siblings, but I want Artemis to know that despite the fact that everyone will talk about how awful 2020 was for me and her Dad it will always been wonderful as she came into our lives and we love her so much.

Thank you so much for sharing your little love story, and for some great advice too! Wishing your family a much brighter year ahead x

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Our Lucky Penny

Catherine & Penny

(Pictures from my private collection)

Me & Penny Window-3

Dear Penny

I can't quite believe it's been a whole year since you arrived baby girl,

and yet it feels like time has stood still all at once.

This wasn't the first year we had imagined for your little life.

This wasn't the celebration we had planned.

But we are forever thankful for you, our happy shining star, our lucky little Penny.

You have brought so much joy to a year filled with darker days.

I'm so sorry the world feels like a scary place at the moment,

it will be better soon. Keep smiling baby girl.

Love you always,

Mummy x

Somewhere over the rainbow

Natasha & Bruce

A Little Love Story-320

'To my wonderful Bruce,

You are the final part to our family puzzle, the piece we hoped for but dare not to dream of in case it couldn’t be realised.

Already your strength and calm personality are developing and I cannot wait to see how you grow in the coming weeks, months and years.

You are loved by so many, adored by Mummy, Beatrice, Daddy and all of your grandparents and extended family. You’ll be known as part of the lockdown generation, the rainbow babies born in the pandemic of 2020 but to me you’ll forever be my #Rantlet2, my Brucie Bonus and my tiny baby boy even if you grow to 6ft plus!'

Love Mummy x

Natasha lives in Heath & Reach with her husband and two children.

Congratulations on the birth of your lovely little bundle of joy, when was he born and how are you both doing?

Bruce was born on 6th October 2020 at 1630. We are both doing well now.

It must have been a pretty surreal time to be pregnant, can you tell me a little about your experience and what was it like to be expecting, and give birth during a pandemic?

This was my second pregnancy and it was totally different to my first (in 2017), firstly having a toddler and being pregnant was far more exhausting than I had thought it would be, of course this may well have been impacted by being pregnant during a pandemic and trying to work from home with a toddler under your feet, when you are used to managing adults, toddlers are a completely different challenge.

Chairing meetings and managing construction contracts is far easier when you aren’t also trying to potty train and stop a two year old from jumping off the furniture!

Secondly my pregnancy seemed to have more complications and stress. At 12 weeks I was told that the baby had a higher risk of chromosomal disorders than typically expected and opted to have a CVS, thankfully this came back clear but due to low PapaA (growth hormone) the baby was smaller than typical and I’d need to take daily aspirin and have regular growth scans.

I’d experienced low papaA with my first pregnancy and had a healthy 7lb7oz baby girl at 40+1 but was told that due to changes in medical thinking I would now be induced early as still birth is more likely with this condition.

Being induced was something I was dead against during my first pregnancy and I struggled to accept that I had no choice but to agree to it this time. The process was quite daunting due to the pandemic as my husband couldn’t stay to support me when nothing was happening and I was just stuck in hospital alone. Ultimately it was all fine and my concerns about him not making it back for the birth thankfully were not a reality, I’m grateful for another swift birth and very little damage this time around due to a far better controlled delivery even if it was even quicker than the first.

That’s sounds like quite an intense experience, combined with everything that's happening in the world at the moment, did you manage to enjoy your pregnancy at all, and are you managing to enjoy some quality time together now with your lovely new arrival now?

I feel like I missed out on people seeing my little bump and congratulating us on being pregnant as working from home from around eight weeks pregnant meant I saw very few people. Equally I now feel we are missing out on showing Bruce off to family and friends. Bruce spent nine days in hospital after birth, we then had two and a half weeks at home before the second lock down. It’s lovely that my husband is able to spend more time with us though as he’s not travelling to work everyday but that equally puts pressure on the relationships.

Throughout your pregnancy - and since giving birth - did you have many midwife & health visitor visits and support? How did that work?

I had a lot of appointments throughout my pregnancy due to the CVS and growth scans. I saw the local community midwives and had regular hospital visits. I actually found that the support was far greater this time around, I had more regular face to face than my first pregnancy and I had additional telephone consultations.

Was it hard not seeing family earlier on in your pregnancy? And possibly again now?

Initially I found it quite nice not having so many commitments placed on us. We have a very large family and typically do not get a weekend to just be our little family unit very often, all of a sudden we were just three and it was honestly lovely, but the novelty did wear off. This time around I am really struggling with not being able to retreat to my mums for the weekend.

How has your daughter coped during this time and is she enjoying her new role as a big sister?

Beatrice has utterly loved becoming a big sister. She adores Bruce and wants to hold him all the time. She asks to hold him and demands we take their picture which is adorable. She is not coping so well with the closure of mead farm, various soft play, ballet and the climbing wall.

Was there anything else you found especially hard during the strict lockdown period over the spring/ summer? How did you keep your spirits up?

Exercising and spending as much time outside as possible helped me to stay somewhat sane during the early days of the lockdown when Beatrice was home six days a week. Matt is a police sergeant in the Met so as a key worker she was able to attend her childminders as normal. Luckily I work for a small company and sit on the board of directors so was able to work around child care issues. 8/ Do you feel like you have enough support around you during this time? I’ve felt more isolated during this second lockdown as I now have a newborn and am not working. Without being able to see friends and family indoors it is more difficult to feel connected and supported. Although it's been an incredibly surreal year, bringing a baby into the world has to be a major highlight & possibly lots of lovely family time at home.

Overall how have you found having a baby during a pandemic? Do you feel like you've missed out on anything?

I feel like we have missed the new baby glow as we haven’t been able to show him off. I worry that my maternity leave will be marred by the pandemic and that I won’t be able to enjoy baby groups. I went back to work after seven months with my first but plan to take longer this time as I won’t be having any more children. I had wanted to do all of the things I hadn’t done first time around as I had a May baby and a large NCT group of mums I hadn’t attended many groups.

What do you love most about motherhood, and what are your hopes for the future for your little ones?

I absolutely love being a mum, I love it far more than I ever imagined possible! I adore seeing my babies achieve and grow. Beatrice is truly hilarious and incredibly smart, she cracks me up and astonishes me daily. I cannot wait to see more of her and Bruce’s interactions and the mischief they will coax each other into.

How are you feeling now that we're entering what feels like another winter lockdown?

Panicked and lonely! I worry that I will put too much on Matt as I now have no outside entertainment and nowhere to go. I worry that I will resent that he gets to go to London two days a week. I am hoping it is it doesn’t go on much longer.

Do you have any tips for mums who have either had a baby during this unique period in time, or are about to?

Talk to other new mums, support each other, even if it’s just a random 2am WhatsApp to say how is feeding going, or a funny story from your day it can make the world of differences to have a shared experience.

Thank you so much.

Wishing you & your lovely family a wonderful 2021!

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Ray of Light

Lucy & Rory

Lockdown Love - Lucy & Rory-4

Dear Rory,

2020 not the year most had planned, 2020 the year of the rainbow, for us you are a true ray of light in the darkness. We waited some time for you to complete our family and now you are here it feels so right.

We stayed home for months while the world tackled a difficult battle with a nasty virus. Some days I watch the wonder and joy in your eyes and feel grateful that you are too little to know what is happening around you. For you the most important thing is the love of your family, warmth and milk from your mummy, while the storm raged on outside we provided you with all you needed, we stayed safe and in return you give us so much joy, for which I’m eternally thankful.

We will tell you all about this time in years to come but your smiles and giggles continue to get us through this bleak time. You are so special and we love you so very much.

Love Mummy xxx

Lucy lives in Bedfordshire, with her husband Stephen and their two children Adelyn and Rory.

Rory is just the adorable, congratulations, he was born just before we went into lockdown is that right?

Yes just over a month before, 15th February, it felt very odd as people had just started to talk about this new virus, but thankfully my husband Stephen was allowed with me the whole time.

From my own experience, it's been a pretty surreal time to have a baby, tell me a little about your experience? 

It is very surreal, it really did feel like the movies at the start, we had a long and difficult wait with multiple losses before Rory finally came along. I always knew I wanted two children so knew he would be our last baby, I was so looking forward to all the things maternity leave brings, play dates, baby classes and coffee with cake, I have definitely mourned the maternity leave I versioned, however I gained wonderful moments with Adelyn and Rory, their bond is beautiful and Stephen although working upstairs got to have lunch with us and spent more time with Rory as a tiny baby, which to witness just burst my heart with love, such precious memories.

Such precious memories indeed, can I ask how was the birth and your recovery?

Well the birth its self was pretty speedy, but I had been induced which took all the stops to get things going. But once they did he came with force. I was still on the induction ward at 9cm, so we had a mad dash to get to delivery, which we just made it in time. I had a third degree tear so recovery was slow and painful; we only managed to get out the house a couple of times before lockdown started.

In between all the craziness of what's been happening in the world, have you managed to enjoy some quality time together?

We honestly had lots of fun, Adelyn our daughter had not started school at that point so no real home schooling had to happen, so we enjoyed crafts, family exercise and bonding as a family. To begin with we watched the news and listened to all the sad news but after a few weeks we only caught up occasionally and we felt so much better for it.

Did you get to see your family & Rory to meet relatives before we went into lockdown? And how is your daughter enjoying being a big sister?

Yes our parents got to see Rory, and his Uncle and Aunty got to meet him. Adelyn loves being a big sister; she gets the best smiles from him. She is very much a mother hen and is so caring to him. She told me the other day she cried happy tears when she saw him on video call before coming to the hospital to meet him.

Did you still have any midwife/ health visitor support? How did that work? 

Because my recovery was slow the midwives did still come out to us for a little longer than they would normally, once in lock down I was worried about Rory’s weight gain, so called the Health visitor, they didn’t want to come out to start with but I pushed as my instinct was telling me it wasn’t ok, thank goodness I did they came to weigh him and he had dropped fairly badly and at least we could work on a plan to get him back up and healthy. Trips to the doctors felt odd for Jabs but overall I cannot fault them, I always felt safe.

Overall how have you found having a baby during a pandemic? Do you feel like you've missed out on anything? 

Actually having a baby in the lockdown gave us all a happy focus, we could shut the world out and just enjoy him. Of course it was hard at times but when you are in the baby bubble things always seem sweeter. I really tried to pause each day and think how lucky I have been. I did NCT refresher and luckily made some friends which was a life saver, there wasn’t a day went by that we didn’t WhatsApp’s each other for support.

Was there anything you found especially hard during the strict lockdown period, and how did you manage to keep your spirits up?

I found balancing my focus difficult; I struggled to meet the needs of both children. I was breastfeeding and at times I would be stuck on the sofa for an hour or more and poor Adelyn had to find something to do but would often fight for my attention, naturally she was uneasy with the changes in the family to start with, but she was never jealous thankfully. But with Stephen at home working he could pop down and help in those times. We kept our spirits up by making stuff out of the millions of amazon boxes we had, I honestly think I had a delivery almost every day for a few weeks! We looked forward to the small things, VE celebrations and our wedding anniversary things like that.

Do you feel like Rory has missed out on anything?

Because he was so tiny I don’t think he missed out, he had everything he needed - family cuddles, milk and sleep. It’s now I feel he will miss out coming up to nine months, he’s really starting to enjoy baby class and seeing the world.

What do you love most about motherhood?

I love the love you feel, some days are hard going and life can be stressful. But when your baby cuddles in or holds your hand, the love you see in their eyes that’s what it’s all about.

Although it''s been a surreal year, what have been your highlights?

My highlights have definitely been having Adelyn and Stephen home for Rory's first smiles, giggles and movements. Seeing their happiness in seeing his miles stones.

How are you feeling now we’re in a second lockdown?

The thought of further lockdowns is making me feel anxious, this time around I do feel Rory will miss out as he's now on the move, interacting and enjoying baby classes. We are definitely not in the new baby bubble anymore, but I'm so pleased we can get out and walk with another person that will make a big difference. I just hope the weather isn't too awful and that the lockdown relaxes when they hope it will.

Do you have any tips for mums who have either had a baby during lockdown or are about to?

My tips are never be too hard on yourself, sometimes just getting through the day is all that matters, who cares if no one is dressed! I know this is easier said than done but its ok. Trust your mummy instinct it is normally right and finally enjoy the cuddles, the baby year flies by in a blink of an eye.

Thank you so much x

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Sunshine on a cloudy day

Kathryn & Evie

Lockdown Love - Katherine & Evie-211

'To our Evie,

For so many, 2020 has been an awful year. People losing loved ones, people losing jobs, businesses closing, and the separation from loved ones in lockdown. For us however, it has been the most amazing year, as it brought us you. Since you came into the world, you have filled everyday with so much joy and happiness.

Seeing you smile everyday, hearing you laugh everyday. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us. Mummy has been lucky enough to be on maternity leave this year and spend everyday at home with you. It has been the happiest year of my life. While the world shut down and we suffered a global pandemic, you have been our ray of sunshine. We will never not know how lucky we are to have you Evie. As you grow up, I hope you think you’re lucky to have us too. 

Mummy x'

Kathryn lives with her husband Warren & their daughter Evie in Silsoe, Bedfordshire.

Congratulations on your beautiful little girl, how are you enjoying motherhood so far?

I am absolutely loving it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, I feel so lucky and blessed every day.

Evie arrived a little early, just before lockdown is that right? Can you tell me a little about your experience, and how it felt to have your baby just before all this craziness in the world happened? 

Yes, she was due on 6th April but born on 29th Feb 2020. I felt very safe and looked after at the hospital. In hindsight I’m so glad she was early, as not only would I have not wanted to go into hospital in April, her being early meant that our family got to meet her before covid kicked off. As she was early, she needed some help with her breathing so was in neo natal for eight days.  Again, very lucky she was early, as only one of us would have been able to be with her otherwise, but instead we were both with her all day, each day until we had to leave. At the time covid hadn’t kicked off so there was no sense of what was about to come. I’m so glad she was settled at home before the world went crazy. How was her birth? After waters breaking at 34 weeks, I was finally induced five days later.  As horrendous as childbirth is, I was very lucky, with a pretty straight forward birth. I was in labour for eight hours, and had only gas and air. Apart from needing an episiotomy right at the end to help get her out, all in all it was straight forward so I feel very lucky. The worst part was her being taken straight from us and taken to neo natal. It was a very strange feeling, having just had a baby but her not being with us. 

Gosh that's a lot to go through I can see why you feel so blessed. After you & Evie came home did you have much support in terms of midwife, health visitors doctor visits? How did that work? 

I had a ten day midwife check, which was just before it (lockdown) all kicked off. After that I had no midwife or health visitor checks. I personally think that was pretty bad, especially considering she was premature, and no one was checking her. Luckily, I didn’t feel like I needed any support, but a lot of mums do, and to have no support from health visitors could be very hard for some people. Luckily we did manage to get her jabs done, similar to you, where we were greeted by a masked up nurse!

Becoming a mum for the first time is a pretty amazing and equally, quite an emotive & life changing experience at the best of times, how have you found having a baby during a pandemic? 

I have loved every single minute of it. Although the pandemic created some tough times, ie not being to see family, I felt like it prolonged my little newborn baby bubble, which I never wanted to burst. Someone said to me ‘it’s a shame that it’s ruined your mat leave’, but to me it hasn’t. Lockdown and 2020 in general would have been a whole lot worse for me, if Evie wasn’t with me. The fact that I’ve been able to spend every day at home with my baby has made lockdown and this pandemic a whole lot easier to deal with than it would have been otherwise. I feel very lucky that I have had Evie to spend it with.

Was there anything you found especially hard during the strict lockdown period over the spring/ summer? How did you keep your spirits up?

The worst part, without a doubt, was the eight weeks of full on lockdown when we weren’t allowed to go out (apart from to walk). Not being able to see family was just awful. You feel like they are missing out on so much not being able to see and hold your baby. That time when they are tiny goes so quickly, and I do feel like they missed out on that time, which made me really sad. We stayed in touch with facetime, like most people I think. Although the one thing that kept me sane was being able to exercise. It was also nice that Warren was on reduced hours for a while, so he got to spend a lot more time with Evie than he would have so that was nice and made it easier to deal with.

We met when lockdown eased & you posted a message on a local network asking if any other lockdown baby mums wanted to meet up, you seemed to have quite a response including me, I think I'd said to my husband the day before that Penny had never met another baby, do you think your message resonated and a lot of new mums locally may have felt isolated during this period?

There was a much bigger response than I expected there to be, I was only expecting one or two people to reply. It was actually really reassuring to know there were other people in the same position. Although I don’t think I ever felt isolated, I think I was still in my baby bubble the whole time, but I did start to think it would be nice to meet someone else with a baby the similar age so Evie can actually see another baby, and it has been lovely to do so, so I’m very glad I did. From what a lot of the mums have said, they have felt very isolated.

What do you love most about motherhood, is it how you imagined it?

Oh my gosh, so many things! Here’s a little list: The pure and unconditional love you feel for that little human is so intense it’s amazing, it’s like nothing else. Waking up every day and being greeted by the beautiful smile from your baby. Hearing her laugh The fact that life is exciting again thinking of all the adventures we’re going to have. (I think I’m still in my baby bubble, the reality might hit me soon) It is better than I could have ever imagined it.

I know you enjoy going to the gym, do you think exercise helps you keep a positive mindset? 

I think exercise is so important, not just physically, but mentally too. It definitely helps keep you sane and positive. I started exercising again at four weeks post partum, which is earlier than you normally should, but it was full on lockdown and I was spending so much time sitting around the house that I needed to do something and be active. It helped massively, and I think I would have struggled in lockdown without it.

How has being a first time mum during this unique period in time felt? Do you feel like you've missed out on anything or have you been relishing your maternity time together?

At first I felt like I was missing out going to baby groups, and meeting other mums, but I don’t feel like that now. Partly due to the fact I have now met some other mums, but I’ve also just loved being at home with Evie. You never get the time back when they are little, so I have been cherishing it. I think I told you about our struggles to conceive, so a couple of years ago, having a baby and being on mat leave, isn’t something that I thought I’d ever be lucky enough to experience. I think that’s partly why I’ve been so content just being with Evie, regardless of what we have or haven’t been able to do. Having said that, it has been so nice, the last couple of months since we’ve been able to do more things and get out and about.

How is Evie with meeting new people now, I know Penny went through a stage where she would burst into tears when she saw people after the three month period, though she's a little older – do you think it had an effect at all?

I was worried that Evie might be quite clingy due to not seeing other people for 8 weeks, but luckily she doesn’t seem to have been affected by it all. She loves being around people. Maybe it had the opposite effect with her and she got bored with mummy at home and that’s why she loves being around people so much.  Although it''s been a surreal year, bringing a baby into the world has to be a highlight & possibly lots of lovely family time at home. 

Do you have any highlights?

To be honest, every day has felt special. I’m definitely still in my baby bubble aren’t I! I don’t think it will burst until I have to go back to work! But every single day with Evie has just been amazing. I guess the highlights have been the day she came home from hospital, and also introducing her to the family. But other than, just being with her and hearing her laugh every day, is my highlight. Although to add to that, introducing her to family again after lockdown was pretty special. 

Do you have any tips for time mums who have either had a baby during lockdown or are about to? 

Focus on the joy of your baby, and not what we can’t do. It’s amazing how much easier things are if you are positive. If you need support, it is out there, albeit remotely. But if you don’t need support, then just cherish every minute with your bundle of joy. It may be different to the experience you thought you might have, were things normal, but that doesn’t mean the experience isn’t as good, it just means it’s different. But still as amazing and special. 

The worst part by far has been being separated from family, but actually, once lockdown was lifted and we could see people, I feel that I made up for lost time and have spent so much time with family. Due to a sister being on furlough and Evie’s cousins being off school, we were able to see so much more of them then we would have been able to if things were normal. So actually that was a really positive part of this whole pandemic for me, and I got to spent a lot of mat leave with them, which wouldn’t have been the case if the world was normal.

Now we're facing a second lockdown is there anything you would like to add?

I'm feeling extremely sad facing another lockdown, and once again not being able to see family. Evie loves being around people so she will miss not seeing anyone as much as I will. All we can do is stay positive and remind ourselves how lucky we are to be able to spend lockdown with our babies.

Thank you x

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